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Why Us?

The Best Starts Here:

Making a great video for your business, or capturing those special moments isn't easy. Certain goals and key points must be met and it needs to be clean cut and smooth. Whether you want to capture the special moments of your wedding, or bring new customers to your business, you know the level of quality you should expect. We refuse to cut corners, and won't hesitate to go the extra mile, to make sure your video looks even more amazing than you were expecting. Our past customers stand behind that statement. At Parabolic Entertainment we pride ourselves on exceeding expectations.

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We have years of knowledge and experience creating video and telling stories. At our company we don't be believe in cutting corners, and will fight hard to complete a project, that exceeds your expectations. There's no question that each project has it's own challenges. Through all the projects we have done, from feature films, tv series, client videos and weddings. we've learned how to quickly and effectively overcome unseen obstacles and adapt. We have the strength and knowledge needed to complete any sized project.



Being knowledgeable about video production isn't helpful if it can't be applied. Creating the right video is more than just picking up a camera. The right video starts with the right idea. Being knowledgeable means being able to make the most of every step, from start to finish, and knowing what tools to use and how to use them effectively. For example, clearly understanding the message that needs to be delivered. This involves knowing what music will drive the video, reinforcing the important points of your message. The difference might be as simple as using a close up to focus on the tone or importance of what's happening. Whether you want something simple, or a mix with lots of steady moving shots or aerial footage, we can do it all.




    For general booking and inquires or if you don't see what you're looking for here, please contact Mike at Mike.Langevin [@] You may also contact us using our contact form, to discuss your specific needs, and pricing.

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