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End to End Production:

The production phase of a project is an highly involved, yet fun process. For that reason having a team, that's done this many times before and knows the challenges, is vital to getting the job done. That's where we come in.


All production begins at the pre-production/script writing phase. This is where we determine the needs of the project, create a game plan, then gather the necessary resources. 


With the a game plan in place, we make the needed arrangements. We book the locations, the talent. We adjust the necessary amount of crew  to meet the needs.  An inadequately staffed project can lead to a downward spiral of problems. We'll negotiate any extra staffing and related cost, with respect for your delicate budget. We'll then make a road map of what we plan on shooting each day.


Once on set we begin principal photography. We bring in our crew, equipment, and other resources and capture everything on video. After filming is completed, and everything looks great we start editing.


We do this by creating a video that tells your message or story in the strongest way possible. As we got through this process we'll show what we came up with. We'll discuss with you your thoughts, as well as any notes you have. After all, your project should be something you love. We'll go back to the editing room, make more changes, and show you the next version. Once your happy with your video we close the deal, and take care of any further business.


Some examples: