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Show off your business through video:

Commercial development follows a similar path as full production.

We start with determining the goal of the video. Are you trying to drive web traffic? Product sales, or advertise an event, etc? We'll continue by asking a few questions to shape the message your trying to send such as: 'What is it that sets your company apart from the rest? What makes those key points unique to your business?'

At this point we develop a road map of how we are going to achieve those key points. We'll start with introductions of necessary persons, ideas, or related problems. We'll show your audience why you stand out from the rest, the advantages of your company, and how your product/service stands apart, mentioning any important strengths. Depending on your needs we can also change this format to be more dynamic, or unique as desired.

Once this roadmap is complete, and you approve our outline, we hire the needed crew, talent, locations, etc and begin filming paying close attention to detail, performance, and quality. Editing then begins, along with discussions of any needed changes. Once your happy with the result, we deliver your video in the request format, web-ready, broadcast ready, etc, and conclude any final business.