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lambda   Project Status: Hiatus, Seeking Funding
Type: Full Length Feature
State: Pre-Production
Written By: Ian James, Edited By: Matt Martin

Beyond Our Shadows is a tangled drama about a young man troubled by life’s many demons and a dedicated father. They are both in search of simple lives. Quickly, they find the darkness of life to be too much to survive.

Alex wants only to survive and be happy. Despite his best efforts he can’t seem to figure life out. Happiness proves to be endlessly out of reach. With one final chance, he finds his opportunity to sort it all out. There’s only one problem...Will his past let him?

Peter is no extraordinary father. He works hard. He has only one priority in life, his son. He wants nothing more than the best for him, but still finds himself on the wrong side of luck’s path. With an ex-wife who could care less if they were dead, we see how tough the struggle of a single father really is.

We're ready to bring this project to life. The only thing we need is financial backing. As always, reach out  to us, show your support so we can make this happen.