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We're producers of all things video and media. Feature films, commercials, weddings, and everything else. Our passion is making quality entertainment people love. We hope our content can leave the world a more positive, magical place through new memories. Our clients continue to call us the best in the business. It's a reputation that's taken hard work, and we're proud of. We've never been fans of the phrase "good enough," and never will be! This uncompromising principal continues to draw attention to us from many directions, as we always bring a respect to what matters most to our clients, and an unmatched work ethic in today's "this is what you're getting" film industry. We pour our hearts and souls in insuring our clients get the video of their dreams.

As a dedicated team, with mixed skill sets, we're an aggressively expanding group. We continue to work with new clients and artists with unique needs. We've proudly worked with 'On Golden Pond' director Ernest Thompson. We've also created a growing number of films, shorts, and music videos. The result has contributed to our company expanding our skills, our team, and ambitions. We always look to begin work on our next adventure, and the intense journey that gets us there.

We are a locally born NH company. We feel passionate about always remembering our roots. We would always like to thank all of those who have supported us in the past and future. We love you all and will never forget what you have done for us.


Matt Martin
Executive Producer
Derek Goulet
Associate Producer
Matt Derek

 Matt has been creating video content for almost a decade. He got his start way back in high school, creating projects for fun. He soon discovered his knack for creativity and quality. Fueled by his artistic desires, he soon devoted much of his time to developing his skill set by taking any classes he could in his academic career, as well as reading any articles he could find online. Largely self taught, he has had his hands in many aspects of film production.

Derek got his start back in high school, making youtube videos for fun with his friends. His love for creativity and telling stories, drove his comedic spirit. Upon meeting Matt in college, they immediately connected and began their first project together with a few other class mates. Since then, Derek has sharpened his skill as a director, with a raw talent for bringing out their best performance. He brings a new perspective to all writing, and now applies his vision editing projects as well.

Mike Langevin
Project Manager
Mr. Robot
Cyber Security
Mike Mr. Robot

Mike has been in the creative world for several years, having first gotten his start through his gaming channel, "Victorious Era Gaming". Mike brings an excellence for customer service, and attention to detail. Perhaps his greatest strength for our team is his oversite of our online presence in persuit of company growth!

"Mr. Robot" is our mysterious cyber guru. He prefers to keep himself anonymous. One of his greatest assets to our team is over seeing our online security. The cyber guru also lends his knowledge of infrastructure, to better resolve our computing needs.